30 European SMEs have been selected for the Space2Waves Internationalisation Programme from 7 European countries. Each SME has selected its target country from Australia, Canada, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates as detailed below

3DEO NI LTDNorthern Ireland3DEO was formed as a satellite applications company by founders with backgrounds in 3D interactive technology, aerospace and defence. Since 2019, the company has focused on the Big Data Analytics and Visualisation platform, providing a toolset for organisations who wish to capture data from diverse sources including images and video, sensors, satellite imagery, operational systems, GPS, LiDAR and geolocate on an interactive digital map. The platform combines data sets to provide contextual insights to support operational and strategic decision making. Although the platform has cross-sector applications, our core customer base is predominantly in the port industry, with other applications in environmental resilience, smart cities and utilities.LinkAustralia
Alba OrbitalUKAlba Orbital is the world's leading PocketQube manufacturer and broker. PocketQubes are tiny satellites consisting of 5cm cubes, that are democratising access to space by removing economic barriers to space for smaller organisations. To date the company has deployed more PocketQubes in-orbit than any other organisation worldwide, successfully deploying 6 PocketQubes on RocketLab Electron in 2019, with a further 9 with SpaceX in Q4 2020. Its flagship pico-satellite, Unicorn-2 (designed in collaboration with ESA) is the world's most powerful PocketQube. Two Unicorn-2 satellites successfully undertook an ISL mission in 2019. Alba Orbital has since been adapting Unicorn-2 to perform Earth Observation missions. The first EO Unicorn-2 will launch in Q4 2020 as a tech-demo of Alba Orbital's EO capabilities.LinkAustralia
Auriga Aerospace LtdUKAURIGA AEROSPACE is developing High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS), for use in collection of EO data, and for surveillance and communications activity for EEZ protection. It is a new SME with a strong pedigree and aerospace background, with an experienced team. The team has worked on the development of the Facebook Aquila programme, and the Astigan platform for the UK Ordnance Survey. AURIGA AEROSPACE is bringing this expertise together to develop the next generation of HAPS.LinkAustralia
LS-Engenharia GeograficaPTLS-Engenharia Geografica is a business focused on the geomatics sector, specialized in acquiring and editing geospatial information and producing cartography for scientific purposes Its main areas of activity are geodesy, hydrography and remote sensing. The hydrography theme occupies 40% of the activities developed: hydrographic surveys with acoustic systems, hydrographic cartography, supporting projects and carrying out maritime activities. The degree of specialization of the company's technicians is highly focused on the topic of remote sensing, where it has been developing methodologies for the study of coastal areas, particularly in the production of digital elevation models, bathymetry derivation and pollution detection, all from from data acquired by remote sensing.LinkAustralia
mOceanSensePTMaritime monitoring offers a series of technological challenges. Firstly, saltwater and electronics are old enemies, and apart of that, corrosion and encrustation make everything difficult for long term measurements. Facing the absence of commercial solutions for nautical sports performance, we have developed an integrated solution that combines bi-dimensional fluid dynamics + temperature, and the three-dimensional object motion tracker in one sensor. Added to this, an interface system equipped with a GNSS system (GPS, Galileu and Glonass), everything synchronised and ready to communicate with all protocols available in the market. This innovative and versatile solution drew more attention than the initial proposal, including two ESA grants and successful use case in the America's Cup.LinkAustralia
NOVELTISFRNOVELTIS is a leading company that performs innovative scientific engineering and provides customized operational solutions in the fields of Space, Environment, Sustainable Development and Risk Prevention. The team has extensive expertise in multi-source data processing, environmental modelling, big data, artificial intelligence and operational decision support systems. NOVELTIS is certified to the ISO 9001 standards and is granted Confidential-Defense status by the French Ministry of Defense.LinkAustralia
BIOCEANORFRBioceanor has developed the first underwater weather station for real time and predictive monitoring of water quality. The company has built an innovative and unique offer for the market using IoT and machine learning. Through our two in situ devices (AquaBOX et AquaBUOY), Bioceanor can measure more than 15 physicochemical parameters of the water (Temperature, pH, salinity, O, turbidity, Chlorophyll-a...) and predict its evolution through the combination with IA and satellite technologies. The solution AquaREAL is dedicated to any kind of water environment (fresh and salt water) and has many applications; Environmental monitoring; Climate change; smart port; EEZ surveillance; risk management; Aquaculture; support decision tool; qualification site; optimization of the production processes.LinkCanada
Elittoral SP Elittoral is a marine environmental consultancy, created with the aim of meeting the demand of specialized coastal studies related with contamination and to climate change effects.As an environmental consultancy company, specializing in the marine environment, elittoral is focused on the littoral environment, which is the primary theme of its business activity. The company offers specialized services, of high added value, to all those projects whose development is related to the marine and coastal sector. To summarize, elittoral offers the following services: Coastal engineering/Costal Management/Envirionmetal monitoring/Hydrography/Remote sensing projects The staff is made up of specialist professionals, with an average of 15 years of consulting experience.LinkCanada
GisaiaFROur focus on geospatial, big data technologies and our edited ARLAS ® framework makes Gisaia unique. Our partners rely on us as a technology solution provider, allowing them to bridge the technology gap and speed up enterprise application development.LinkCanada
i-SeaFRi-Sea offers Earth Observation-based products and services for the environmental monitoring of coastal areas, water and biodiversity. The company was founded in 2014 by coastal oceanographers who had been prototyping EO-based solutions since the late 2000s. Within a couple of years the company has become an established business in the field of downstream space-based services in France and a new player at the European scale.LinkCanada
Riskaware LtdUKSince its incorporation over 20 years ago, Riskaware has been a leader in the field of atmospheric dispersion modelling and CBRN hazard prediction. More recently, through a UKSA funded IPP project, the company has been able to transfer that expertise to the marine environment and create our latest product, MarineAware, an end-to-end oil spill response platform. By integrating with satellite and other detection services, Riskaware is able to provide fully automated monitoring of oil spills and decision support to users through MarineAware's intuitive, web-based user interface. MarineAware provides not just basic forward predictions of the transport and dispersion of an oil spill, but uses stochastic processing to identify the potential source of the spill and take into account uncertainties.LinkCanada
SAMMY PCGR SaMMY provides advanced smart services and systems in the global yachting industry market (marinas and tourist ports), similarly to the market breakthrough success of the existing smart city solutions. The platform is gathering and interpreting data from ultrasound sensors, meteorological sensors, wide-angle and thermal cameras, aerial and underwater drones and water quality sensors in order to monitor in real-time the conditions and provide information about the traffic conditions and vessel positions within the marinas or tourist ports. The services are delivered via multiple distribution channels (web, widgets, mobile app) that provide connectivity and communication between the marinas ecosystem and the yachting community like never before.LinkCanada
Skyline Partners LtdUKSkyline Partners is an InsurTech company who specialises in index insurance and parametric contracts utilising data and technology to create innovative risk transfer solutions. With Skyline's in-house technology platform INSDEX, powered by Gisaia technology, Skyline is able to explore weather and climatic risks globally with clients and utilising satellite data and applying data science and actuarial modelling techniques, structure new and innovative risk transfer solutions. Skyline structures the products with the clients and then working with A rated securities, places the risks into the international insurance and reinsurance markets. Skyline currently has relationships to place weather and climate risks with Munich Re and Lloyd's of London.LinkCanada
Waves'n SeeFRWaves'n See develops a system for monitoring key coastal parameters which are essential for coastal management, in order to manage coastal risks (erosion, marine submersion): Coastline evolution, beach topography, Surf Zone bathymetry, Wave Characteristics, currents. The company merges various remote sensing techniques and instruments ranging from local video cameras and UAV surveys to large-scale satellite imagery.LinkCanada
Alise GeomatiqueFRAlise geomatique is a mature company providing Geo Service and Geo Data for sustainable development in France, and for international stakeholders. Alise develops innovative solutions of Geo intelligence (Geo Data from aerial / satellite images with Deep learning, hybrid Image processing process - Web carto - Data Viz app) for adaptativ decision making in Land Use planning, and in response to climate change and risk. The company works with institutions at different scales: national public institutions, collectivities, water companies and businesses in charge of local building and planning and organisations with specific coastal zone management and risk responsibilities.LinkSouth Africa
AQASS LtdUKAQASS is a R&D company focussing on the aquatic sectors. AQASS provide high level advice towards optimisation of opportunities for policy, industry and conservation.The team has a strong expertise in geospatial data science, including statistics, data management and web application development; marine pollution assessment and management; water management; maritime environmental risks related to marine non-native species and general shipping impacts. AQASS use EO data to assess habitat condition, water quality, and to improve coastal and fluvial habitat restoration for resilience against climate change. They are researching and developing products that will assist the maritime industry and regulators in more efficient, sustainable and cost effective management of environmental risks.LinkSouth Africa
Euro.Soft srlIT Euro.Soft is a SME specializing in space and ICT applications and systems (including Earth Observation). The Company is certificated ISO 9001:2008 for design development and supply of software and Telecontrol Systems. Euro.Soft is currently active in co-operative programs mainly with several Italian and foreign organizations such as ESA, ASI, SKA Telescope, Italian Ministries. The Team has a permanent staff of highly skilled human resources with know-how in the development of SW application, space and research projects, Euro.Soft has experience in TLC, GIS and remote sensing applications in the domain of environmental and infrastructures control (Sea and Water, Soil Pollution, Landslides, Forest Fires, Risk Management....).LinkSouth Africa
GeomatysFRGeomatys is a geospatial intelligence company offering a complete I.T. infrastructure to leverage BigData from satellites, sensors, moving features and other geo-coded databases. The company provides the tools and know-how to apply the most cutting-edge terrestrial, marine and space geospatial data to needs across research, industry, government and defense. Functionalities include, but are not limited to, 3D visualizations, asset mapping, risk analysis, and real-time tracking and alerts.Geomatys' main product is the EXAMIND software suite: Community, SDK, Server, and DataCube, and related development and deployment services.LinkSouth Africa
VorteX.ioFR VorteX.io offers an innovative and intelligent solution for monitoring and alerting populations, using non-invasive remote sensing instruments based on compact space-based altimeter. It provides in real time, with high frequency and with an accuracy close to the centimeter, water level measurements of hydrological systems.LinkSouth Africa
Action Air EnvironmentFRAction Air Environment (AAE) offers fully integrated solutions for the maritime environment. The company owns and operates a global fleet of 15 aircraft specially designed and approved for operating maritime surveillance flights and equipped with high-tech sensors. AAE offers services in various sectors such as fisheries resources assessment and IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) fishing and maritime pollution. For example, AAE delivers its integrated solution (operating aircraft, equipped with the latest technologies and data analysis) to key players by monitoring sensitive petrol installations to prevent any oil spill pollution. In addition, AAE has developed many partnerships with key scientific and educational institutions and has its own R&D department.LinkUAE
Apphia srlITApphia s.r.l. is an Italian engineering company specialising in the research and development of innovative solutions in the Aerospace, Naval, Automotive and Defence sectors. The business is registered in the capacity of INNOVATIVE SME. Apphia designs and develops Information Communication Technology (ICT) systems for monitoring and controlling data / states of complex processes and decision support systems. The company team has strong skills in the acquisition and processing of data from different types of sensors, remote control devices and representation of information useful to operators. In the aquaculture sector, Apphia designs and develops innovative devices and sustainable smart solutions for the monitoring and control of plants.LinkUAE
CMCC srlITCMCC srl is a tech start-up working in the integration of Earth Observation (EO) and numerical modelling to protect coastal resources and evaluate/predict environmental conditions favourable to the development of coastal activities. High resolution coastal and atmospheric modelling is the strength of the company which, in association with EO and in-situ data sources, is used to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for the Blue Economy.LinkUAE
CONSORTISGR CONSORTIS is a consulting company with a diverse portfolio of clients and projects. The company's consulting services include Urban and Spatial Planning, Architectural design, Environmental Engineering and Transportation. The company's core business consists of Geospatial services such as Land surveying, Cadastral surveying, Aerial surveying, Photogrammetry, Remote sensing, GIS analysis and applications. Throughout the years CONSORTIS has reinforced its presence in these fields and is now among the leading consultancies nationally. As a service provider, CONSORTIS offers Aerial Surveying and 3D Mapping, Remote Sensing, development of GIS and WebGIS applications and Environmental Monitoring. As a consulting company, CONSORTIS provides consultancy in all engineering fields mentioned above such as Environmental Engineering, Urban and Spatial Planning, Architectural design, and Transportation projects for the public and private sector.LinkUAE
DIGIMATITDigimat is an Innovative SME founded in Matera in 2001 with the aim of becoming an important reference point among the Lucanian and national IT realities. Digimat is mainly specialized in the design, development and validation of SW in the fields of Earth Observation, Healthcare, SDI infrastructures useful for the management of spatial data, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring systems, WEB Portals, CRM for SMEs and customized solutions for administrations, public and private bodies. The compnay has about 50 employees and collaborators and 5 offices distributed throughout Italy. It is recognized among the main Italian innovation centers and has its strong point in the ability to translate research activities into concrete products and services useful to companies.LinkUAE
exactEarth Europe LimitedUKFounded in 2009, exactEarth was established for the purpose of making Satellite AIS data services available to the global maritime market. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, exactEarth leverages advanced microsatellite technology to deliver vessel monitoring solutions characterised by high performance, reliability, security, and simplicity. ExactEarth is a leading organisation in the field of global AIS vessel tracking, collecting the most comprehensive ship monitoring data and delivering the highest quality information to customers around the world.LinkUAE
IMT SrlITIMT Srl is a private company, founded in 1991 and active in the Space sector in three main types of activities: - Systems Engineering: Design and Development of Nano/Microsatellites and relevant On-board units for space commercial, scientific and defense applications. - Parts Engineering: Characterization and Testing of EEE (Electrical, Electronic, Electro-Mechanical) parts. - IoT solutions: Development of Iot Solutions for Smart Cities, Environmental Monitoring and Agriculture.LinkUAE
NOVOTECH - Aerospace Advanced Technology SrLITNOVOTECH has been founded in 1992 as a spin-off engineering consulting company from Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples Federico. NOVOTECH has developed a specific and nowadays well consolidated know-how especially focused on design, production and certification of aircrafts and parts of them. In relation to this, the company has developed a light, very innovative amphibious aircraft, named "Seagull". In terms of manufacturing capabilities, a branch of the R&I Department has developed advanced skills in innovative and automated manufacturing processes, especially related to composites as Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Stamp Forming, Continuous Forming, Liquid Composite Moulding (LRI, RTM) processes.LinkUAE
SATLANTIS MICROSATS S.L.SP SATLANTIS is a Spanish technological SME specializing in developing very high-resolution Earth Observation optical payloads for small satellites. It is built upon an expertise in the areas of Astrophysics, Space Engineering, and Business. The company's core technology is iSIM (integrated Standard Imager for Microsatellites), which is the foundation of its main products iSIM-170 for microsatellites and iSIM-90 for CubeSats. The products provide high resolution multispectral imagery between 450 and 900nm. The iSIM-170 was validated in space in 2020, successfully achieving submetric resolution. Currently the company is involved in two missions for its iSIM-90 and is developing the iSIM-170 into the infrarred spectrum up to 1700nm to extend its areas of application.LinkUAE
Satsense Solutions LimitedUKSatsense Solutions uses EO technologies to develop business & governance solutions. These include 1) Marine Vessel detection & Oil Slick detection using SAR data; 2) Aquaculture solutions to assess farm site practices, water quality and algal bloom using multispectral data; and 3) Mapping Marine Environments using multispectral and altimetry data. Several of these solutions have been showcased to customers and are in various stages of being operational.LinkUAE
TechWorks MarineIRDTechWorks Marine are acknowledged experts in the integration of real-time marine monitoring data networks. Their integrated, adaptive and dependable marine data systems are based around our advanced and proven TMBB data buoy command module. TechWorks Marine provides CoastEye, a web based buoy controller and data fusion portal to not only manage marine assets remotely but also to allow the user to visualise, analyse and view in-situ marine data, in parallel with Earth Observation and Modelling data for the same location. Its remote sensing team has experience with different types of data to monitor the offshore and coastal environments, globally using satellites or from in situ sensors. Its experience extends over all aspects of data collection, processing, management and visualisation.LinkUAE


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